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The value of strong values

With rapid growth on the horizon, Belle Tire knew it was essential to establish what their brand stood for and codify the strong culture they’d formed after 100+ years of business. They needed inspiring and practical brand materials that current team members and new hires could rally around.

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Like most companies that have been around for a while, Belle Tire’s internal culture was present but not clearly defined, and the best way their leadership could describe the culture was through stories of how their employees went above and beyond in customer service. We helped polish the language on some of their existing mantras, and then paired those newly-minted values with their real-life stories to create a people-first brand core.

Put it in your pocket

Thoughtful and unique items like a pocket-sized core values card allow Belle Tire employees to keep their long-held beliefs close at hand, no matter where they go.

The results

After seeing the employer branding toolkit that launched at their regional manager meetings, Belle Tire employees felt like they were a core part of the brand and appreciated having a culture-building reference tool to share with new coworkers as they grew.

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