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Regal Cinemas



Rather than the traditional movie-and-popcorn, Regal’s Cinebarre theaters take it up a notch: Customers can enjoy made-to-order, restaurant-quality apps, entrées, drinks and desserts right in their seats during the movie. Regal asked us to create a memorable menu that heightened this experience and communicated the fun and flavor of their food and drinks.

To get people chuckling before the previews even roll, we turned dinner into punny menu item names. Customers order mozzarella sticks as Dial M for Mozzarella, a Caesar salad called Straight Outta Crouton or a delicious dessert named The Nutella Professor. We also used massive, gorgeous food-and-drink photography to allow for easy visibility in the low-light theater setting and to show off the quality and freshness of the menu items. It’s a fun upgrade that amplifies the movie experience and helps Regal Cinebarre stand out.


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