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Expedia created a cost-effective and convenient service that allows customers to bundle individual products as packages. However, the online travel brand found that these packages were being underutilized.

In order to make their customers aware of the benefits of custom packages and prompt them to explore the options, the Expedia team asked us to create a series of web videos aimed at educating their young, tech-savvy audience.


“Your product isn’t helping your customers if they don’t know it exists. ”

Tim Smith, CEO - Skidmore Studio


Target Audience

To develop a design strategy that would appeal to Expedia’s audience of young families, couples and singles, we evaluated each group’s needs and pains. We combined our understanding of millennials with our expertise in travel and entertainment to create meaningful user stories that brought focus to our work. Meet one of these user groups, Kendra and Tom.



Kendra and Tom
Young Family

33-year-old professionals and parents of two young kids

  • Planning a two week European vacation
  • Will need multiple services including flight, car rental and hotel
  • Want to save money for experiences at the destination
  • Want to customize their travel itinerary
  • Want to enjoy the planning experience
  • Appreciate a playful design aesthetic

Value, energy, options

Vacation? Fun! Planning a vacation? Not so much!



To ensure that the final videos support the brand and prompt the target audience to explore Expedia’s custom packages, we incorporated three strategies:


1 Carry the brand forward

The characters we created and the world they live in were inspired by Expedia’s existing elements and visual language.


2 Make planning fun

To make the planning process a little more fun, we introduced a playful animation style that brings Expedia’s personality to life.


3 Show and tell

While the voiceover tells the story of saving money, the real impact comes from seeing the variety of custom package options and how they improve the overall vacation experience.




“We had a great deal of work going on with packages and were trying to build consistency between (digital) projects and the national spots. I liked each new concept better than the last.”

Michelle Thomas, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager - Expedia


The Win

The final result was a group of videos that support and advance Expedia’s brand. The videos were so successful that not long after, Expedia Canada wanted their own versions.


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