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As Dave & Buster’s continues to add new locations across the country, the brand needed a website as new and innovative as the stores and offerings it’s introducing. Knowing that most people view on mobile and come to the site looking for specific location information, we knew we had to give them a personalized experience – no matter what device they use.


The goal: Drive guests into Dave & Buster's stores



The new website launched the first week of December 2015, and in just one month, Dave & Buster’s saw astounding results:

80%increase in site traffic
25%increase in time spent on the site
15%increase in new visitors
13%decrease in bounce rate for new visitors

The Audience

With our deep understanding of Dave & Buster’s and what millennials expect out of their web experiences, we were able to create a site that effectively speaks to Dave & Buster’s audience of “Play Together Young Adults,” millennials who enjoy eating, drinking, hanging out with friends, and having fun, unique experiences.





Play Together Young Adult
25-year-old marketer

Meet Ashley. It’s Friday evening and Ashley is looking for something fun to do with her friends tonight. She’s going out with a group and wants to find a place that offers something fun for everyone. She remembers hearing about Dave & Buster’s, so she pulls up the site on her phone and searches to see if there’s a location nearby.

There is – and she sees they have specials on food and drinks, a sports bar, and hundreds of games. Ashley thinks Dave & Buster’s would be something different and fun for the whole group and decides they’ll go there.

How did we get Ashley to decide on Dave & Buster’s?




1 Mobile first

Knowing that 60 percent of visitors view on mobile, creating a responsive site was top priority.



2 Personalized by location

The Locations page was the most visited page on the old site, so we brought the location information front and center. The closest store is pre-populated based on where you are, and the store info stays with you as you browse the site, alerting you when the store is open and closed, what specials are going on, etc. Everything is personalized to you.


3 See to believe

Dave & Buster’s is the kind of place you need to see to believe. With so much to do under one roof, words and photos don’t do it justice. To immerse our highly visual audience in the Dave & Buster’s world before they even get there, we created videos highlighting what they’ll experience throughout the store to get them excited and show that there truly is something for everyone.


4 Highlight offers

Focus groups taught us that Dave & Buster’s audience looks for affordable fun and cares about special offers. Knowing this, we decided to lead with an offer on the homepage and highlight local store specials across the site, giving guests a reason to visit Dave & Buster’s every day of the week.


5 Encourage Rewards signups

Dave & Buster’s provides special offers to people who are part of their Rewards program. Knowing that Rewards members tend to spend more, we made it easier than ever to learn about Rewards and sign up to start saving.




The Win

Weaving our mobile first and personalization strategies through every aspect of Dave & Buster’s new website proved to be wildly successful. With an innovative site that stays true to their fun brand look and personality, Dave & Buster’s saw a 25 percent increase in time spent on the site, among other impressive results.


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