Posted on 01.18.16

Hotels must focus on design & technology to attract and maintain millennials

In our latest white paper, we’re sharing new research and insights about millennials and the hospitality industry.

Executive summary

With the democratization of the hospitality industry and the proliferation of booking sites, it’s more important than ever for hotels to reposition themselves as they strive to attract and retain new audiences. In order to maintain market share, it’s critical that hotels factor the highly coveted millennial audience into their strategies.

To understand how hotels can tap into this audience successfully, we surveyed hundreds of millennial travelers, studied psychographic reports, and analyzed industry trends. Our findings show that focusing on design and technology is the key to attracting and maintaining the millennial market. In fact, millennials are 70% more likely to book at the same hotel when they approve of the design and technology.

This white paper details why design and technology are the two key areas that present the most profitable return on investment in addition to sharing strategies for attracting and retaining new audiences.

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