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Takeout, carryout, and all things delivery

September 14 2017 / Alyssa Smith

As different delivery methods battle it out for who can grow the fastest, it’s no wonder about 20 percent of people in the US order food delivery at least once a week. Now, there’s no limit to what cuisine you can eat from the comfort of your own home any given night of the week […]


Millennials + Food: A love affair

August 22 2016 / Alissa Kline

Millennials’ obsession with food is no mystery. You can see it on any and every social media channel, with photos tagged #foodporn and #onthetable and #nomnomnom. You can sense it in the rise of the term “foodie” (a term with which half of millennials identify1), and the barrage of new restaurants cropping up in your […]


Millennials + Travel

July 21 2016 / Drew Patrick

Millennials do things differently than other generations. And travel is at the top of that list. How do millennials decide on a destination? How do they book a trip? What do they do once they’ve arrived? And how can brands take advantage? If you’ve ever wondered how a millennial vacations, this is the infographic for […]


Millennials' Buying Behavior

April 14 2016 / Alissa Kline

Millennials, or young adults ages 18 to 34, have been (not-so-kindly) dubbed the “Enigma Generation” by older generations mystified by their behavior. This is especially true when it comes to buying behavior, so we’re tackling the topic with some facts on where, how, and why millennials shop. All in all, the infographic below reveals a […]


Millennials + brands: 12 insights every marketer should know

January 8 2016 / Alissa Kline

A few months back, we published Your 60-Second Guide to Millennials featuring 15 must-know facts about the ultra-powerful consumer group. Today we bring you a fresh batch of essential millennial knowledge, which takes a closer look at Gen Y’s relationship with brands.


Your 60-second guide to millennials

September 29 2015 / Alissa Kline

Every day, we talk to industry leaders who admit that they don’t understand the millennial generation as well as they should. But how do you inspire an audience to go on a journey with you if you don’t understand where they’re coming from? Start off on the right path with millennial stats every marketer should know.