Posted on 04.22.19

Skidmore Studio Honored as One of the 2019 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

Skidmore Studio Michigan 50 Companies to Watch - Detroit Branding Design
Michigan Celebrates Small Business recently recognized Detroit’s own Skidmore Studio as one of the 2019 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch, an awards program recognizing advocates of small business in Michigan. This year’s “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” are a remarkable group of second-stage companies. Defined as having six to 99 full-time-equivalent employees and generating $750,000 [...]

Posted on 03.05.19

Client Spotlight: How a small social biz grew into a statewide staple

In 2016, the folks behind Michigan Farm to Freezer trusted us to redesign the core piece of their brand identity: their packaging label. At the same time, the Michigan-based processor of fruits and vegetables moved their freezing facility from Traverse City to Detroit to expand their reach. Two years and a whole lotta growth later, [...]

Posted on 01.28.19

Every brand’s guide to slang, memes, and Internet Speak

Does speaking internet count as being bilingual? If so, we at Skidmore Studio are skilled translators capable of guiding you and your brand on a journey through this vast territory of garbled, unstable language. The slang, memes, and written style of the web are incredibly important tools in any modern communicator’s kit of parts. The [...]

Posted on 12.19.18

Skidmore-designed digital wallpapers (free!)

When we’re not busy with client work, the team pursues mini side projects that inspire us and deepen our creative practice. Sometimes this works sees the light of day, and sometimes it’s just something we share with one another. To close out the year—and, honestly, because so many clients have headed off on vacation—we’ve spent [...]

Posted on 11.14.18

3 food-focused clients we’re extra grateful for

There’s a lot to be thankful for this year. We have a new owner. We’ve experienced 200 percent growth in office dog attendance. And every time we step out the front door or take a walk around town, we see how Detroit has gotten a tiny bit more vibrant. One of the best things about being [...]

Posted on 10.02.18

When you love an organization enough to buy it

Skidmore Studio Michigan 50 Companies to Watch - Detroit Branding Design
A little over nine years ago, Tim Smith asked me to play a round of golf. I accepted even though I didn’t care much for the sport. I figured I’d follow his lead. But, just two holes in, I could tell he wasn’t much of a golfer! “We could’ve just gone to breakfast,” I lamented. [...]

Posted on 10.01.18

In good hands: Skidmore Studio transitions ownership

Skidmore Studio Michigan 50 Companies to Watch - Detroit Branding Design
We have some big news to share here at the studio: Our current president, Drew Patrick, is officially the owner of Skidmore Studio as of today, Oct. 1, 2018. He purchased our almost-60-year-old legacy studio from our dear friend Colleen Smith, wife of former owner Tim Smith who passed away unexpectedly in January. While the [...]

Posted on 09.13.18

Food tribes: Fighting the good (food) fight

Think about the last time you went out to eat with friends, or the last time you invited someone to your home to share a meal. If there were more than three people in your group, I’ll bet one of them had a dietary restriction or food regimen that limited your dining options. And I’ll [...]

Posted on 06.28.18

Brand over marketing: The 60/40 split

Here’s an idea that may be controversial: You should be investing more time and effort (and therefore $$$) into your brand than your marketing. Sure, we’re a little biased (we’re a branding studio, after all), but the data backs it up. “Media in Focus,” a report on the effects of mass marketing produced by Google [...]

Posted on 06.28.18

Xenith rebrand and packaging work featured on Brand New

Skidmore Studio Michigan 50 Companies to Watch - Detroit Branding Design
This week our Xenith rebrand was reviewed the much loved and feared Brand New site by the folks at Under Consideration. It’s a strange/scary experience to release your work into the wild, and having it analyzed by respected peers in the design community takes this feeling to a whole new level. Thankfully, we were in [...]