Posted on 1.10.13


What’s next? It’s a simple phrase, but depending how you say it and the amount of attitude that backs it up, these two words can have very different meanings.

If you are coming from the “half-empty,” pessimistic, shoulders slumped, eyes cast down place; it would be a sad question with a healthy measure of defeat.

Or, you could come from a slightly over-confident, bring-your-best, feet squared, shoulders back, eyes defiant kind of place. That, my friends, is a challenging position with enough positive indignation to instill confidence.

At Skidmore, we choose the latter. We remain committed to the city, the region and the ability of our collective creative talents to lift Detroit from the ashes. Last year was a pretty good year for Skidmore’s kick ass brand of creative thinking. But that’s in the rear view.

Now, we are focused on 2013 and we say to you … Next? Bring it. Whatcha got? Big challenge or small, we have the people to bring any problem to its knees. And I’m not just talking about the kids at Skidmore, I’m talking about all of us working in Detroit. I believe we got this. Do you?

With all due respect to our business leaders, politicians and everyday peeps – do you believe you have what it takes? I am standing mid-court, ball on my hip, calling for “next.” The court is ours, and we’re challenging someone to take it from us. We crave the healthy competition. We want to see the fight in your eyes to dig a bit deeper for whatever it is that will make us stronger.

I see that fire every day in the eyes of the people walking in and out of the Madison Building. I see it being fanned by driven leaders such as Dan Gilbert and Josh Linkner, Leslie Smith, Sue Mosey, Phil Cooley, Matt Clayson, Rip Rapson and many others. They are scrapping and pushing us all to be better. I like that. It’s a challenge, and we should all accept it.

So, the question is… what will you choose to focus on in 2013? Will you get sucked into the negativity of the latest news cycle, corruption trials and city council drama, or will you zero in on the things you can impact. It’s the difference between saying “Man, what could be next?” Or, saying …  “Bring it on, we got this. Next?







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  1. Bobette Dodge says:

    Love the attitude. It goes hand in hand with the place we usually land – “and then we can…!”

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