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Like the millennials we interact with, Skidmore has a passion to create the extraordinary. Using a bold combination of strategy and design, we craft brand experiences that have the power to move people. Whether your customers need a night out or a week away, we inspire the journey that leads to your destination.

We help entertainment brands engage millennials through results-driven creative.

Entertainment brands we've helped

Website Case Study

Greektown Casino-Hotel

With a mobile first strategy and simple aesthetic, the website we designed for Greektown is unlike any in the industry.

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Overheard @ The Studio

  • “Isn’t everybody trying to
    get new moms?”
  • “Why can’t everybody’s chicken have a beret?”
  • “It’s the jackpot of murders.”
  • “I imagine you to be a little French cartoon mouse like Ratatouille.”
  • “I guarantee he's never been pitched in a back alley before.”
  • “How come he gave you the big pickle? He never gives me a big pickle!”
  • “It's not just her. ALL your designers are crazy.”
  • “You're in your boat. Ladies do your kegels, guys pretend like you're trying not to go to the bathroom.”
  • “It's like design cleavage.”
  • “I'm sorry. I forgot you were a vampire.”


How millennials view the hotel experience

If you’re anything like me, you consider a hotel stay the ultimate luxury. An opportunity to throw your bags at your feet, dive head first into a pillowy mattress, and have someone take care of you. The world is a tough place and sometimes we just want to throw our towels on the ground and […]

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User-Generated Content: A marketing gold mine

Imagine if you could double, triple, or even quadruple your branded content and simultaneously improve your brand’s reputation without spending a single dollar. That would be amazing, right? No, this isn’t a sleazy sales pitch for snake oil, and it’s not a fairy tale. There’s a ready gold mine of brand content out there just […]

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Drive millennial sales like Ford with these 3 tips for CMOs

You may have heard the myth that millennials don’t spend money. The truth is that millennials spend a lot of money – $200 billion per year, in fact1. They just do so selectively. Millennials will spend money with brands that speak to them authentically. They will not spend money on brands that talk at them […]

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